Weight Gainer |Food Building Muscle

Weight Gainer |Food Building Muscle

Many People used Food Building Muscle for Weight Gainer. Many People who week physically and want to strong their muscle used the Food Building Muscle for Weight Gaining Products.


People used Weight Gainer for build their Muscle but actually the muscles are just in shape not build properly it look beautifully but actually muscle looks only beautiful not strong.
Weight Gainer Powder are Harmful for Health and Muscle.

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It is used for Building Body.

This Picture shows the comparison  Muscle Before and After Weight Gainer  it is orignal or natural food preparation is called Weight Gaining Food.
Which Food Building Muscle is used?

  • Red Meat eating too much as a Weight Gainer can wreak Havoc on your system.
  • Beef Jerky Most important part for Food Building Muscle. It should be no preservative and minimal salt content.
  • Most important and main part is Tofu. In Tofu Leucine , Protein and Calcium have in it..
  • Oily Fish is used to produced oil in your body which helps in your Exercise. Because it has a lots of Protein
  • Scallops are used as Food Building Muscle
  • Whole egg a lots of protein but in weight gaining we used only white egg or build their Muscle.
  • Beats of Dates with milk in powder form (only Beats of Date) mix up.
  • Beans
  • Lentiles is used for leg mucles
  • Nuts have lots of protein Grow their body health and become fit your body.
  • Philiphine , Apples , Cherry and Weather Fruit are preferable for grow your body.

So, We discussed on many advantage and disadvantage of Weight Gianer. Now it is better to decide that which is best for you.

If you depends our we recommend Weight Gainer for weak people but just for a week or maximum one month.

This is Best advice for people that they workout daily.


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